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Sound level meter NL-52 / 42

Extremely user friendly !
Rion’s NL-52 and NL-42
sound level meters provide full support
for the measurement process.

The NL-52 and NL-42 were developed to
eliminate the trouble of reading instruction manuals
when conducting measurements.
Large and easily viewable three-inch LCD color display.
The unit (except for the microphone) is water-resistant,
which means that it is unaffected by sudden rain showers.
You can use rechargeable batteries to help cut down on waste,
making this an environmentally friendly product.

No paper manual is needed.

User instructions and a help function
can be easily accessed on the device


Use of rechargeable batteries

Please use the dedicated charger to charged eneloopbatteries.
When using eneloop batteries, please read the eneloopbattery instruction manual.
eneloopis a registered trademark of Panasonic group.


Continuous detailed measurements for one month

This meter can be used to conduct
long-term measurements, such as
environmental measurements.
Example of detailed recording If the Lp is measured at 100 ms intervals and the Leq is simultaneously measured at 10 min intervals
over a 24 h period, the total size of accumulated data is approximately 74 MB (reference value)


Optional program function list

When the optional programs are installed, the following functions are added:


System construction


Peripheral devices



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