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“Miracle Boy” prevents deterioration of lubricating/hydraulic oil

Eliminating contaminating particles,
moisture and oxides all together
If the oil replacement is failed, the mechanical
equipment gets broken and stops its work. It is
because the degrading factors which come up in
oil decrease the oil performance.
Miracle Boy which was patented keeps the oil
performance at the new oil level or more.
The goal is to reduce a waste of work such as
support for sudden failure and raising operation
rates and reduce the running cost.
More than 10,000 units has been sold since 1970.

Miracle Boy 3 advantages! 

For various mechanical equipment

“Miracle Boy” works offline with the machine oil tank.
Installation is easy.
Filter elements can be replaced without stopping the
production line.

The multifunctional filter element eliminates
deterioration factors all together.

The filter element is divided into adsorption layers to remove very-fine particles,
moisture and oxidized sludge in oil. (W series do not remove moisture), and the element
traps contaminating particles in

Filtration precision

The high-precision element GE-21-SHG can be used for general mineral oil. Miracle Boy is adsorption-type filtration
device. The center of filtration accuracy distribution of GE-21-SHG is 3
, means it is designed to filter especially 3
particles during adsorption 0.01~10~100.

General mesh filter is replaced when it clogged. Against this, Miracle Boy is the special depth-type filtration and it
accumulate contaminations in the element. This great filter capacity is the reason why “we can keep oil fresh at the
new oil level or more.

Mechanism to remove oxidized sludge ➡ Viscosity invariance

● GE-41-DC : For oil which is easy to oxidize under the high-temperature
● GE-21-W4 : For water-glycol fluid which half consists of solution water to increase the flash point
for aluminum die casting machine, etc.
● GE-41-MR1 : For synthesized ester oil which is used for hydraulic control system of the power
plant steam turbine, the lubricant for jet engine, the latest aluminum die casting machine, etc.

Maintaining the new oil level for over 30 years
without oil replacement!

“Miracle Boy” (SRC-814-15V) installed at the dryer bearing lubrication oil (turbine oil) tank of the paper machine at the paper factory.

Below graph shows the analysis results of the oil contamination levels and the moisture
levels, total acid value since installed Miracle Boy in 1990. The contamination level is 33.3mg after one-year
operation without Miracle Boy. However, it decreased to 0.1mg by using Miracle Boy for one month. At this
time, the elements were replaced. One year after that, the contamination level increased to 0.6mg but
decreased to 0.2mg after the second elements replacement. Since then, the contamination level increases
and decreases depend on the timing of the element replacement. Nevertheless, the apex in the graph is
higher than that of the new oil on the market.
No oil replacement for over 30 years with the better condition
than the new oil.

Before/After installation of Miracle Boy


Miracle Boy is used in various fields. Sales achievement runs up to over 20,000 units.

Specification for SRC-V series

(Filtration by self-suction hydraulic oil and gear box oil)

*To enhance or improve the product, the specifications are subject to change without notice. *These specifications are for Japan only.
*According to Security Trade Control, please contact us for the export.

Specification for SRC-C series

(For Oil injection type screw air compressor, Refuel type air compressor

* SRC-V Series correspond to reciprocating oil-free turbo compressors. *To enhance or improve the product, the specifications are subject to change without notice.
* The followings are the standard specification for under 0.9MPa air. *For the bigger compressor, please contact us.

Specification of MB filter element

*These specifications are for Japan only. *According to Security Trade Control, please contact us for the export.


Read the instruction manual before using “Miracle Boy”.

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