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For fine sludge only

Cyclone & Magnet Separator System


W collection of sludge with cyclone filter & magnet separator!
Demonstrate the best performance in a small space!



The sludge is concentrated with the cyclone separator in the previous process, and the magnetic sludge is dried and collected with the magnet separator in the subsequent process.


Collected sludge

We will dehydrate the magnetic sludge and collect it in a fluffy manner.



● Concentrate the treatment liquid to 1/10 to simplify the post-process
Super downsizing with magnetic separator

● Collect all iron-based fine sludge
Cut off bad odors and collect super steel sludge

● Collect mud by water separator
Improve the work environment by reducing industrial waste and rationalizing work

● Achieve ultimate filtration at low cost
Significant reduction in initial cost

● Reduction of power consumption, industrial waste costs, and labor costs
Significantly reduce running costs and contribute to increased profits


Curve forecast


Standard specifications



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