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          – Focus275 is a tester for burn-in board.


          – It can improve reliability of burn-in board by inspecting boards

          for burn-in test by Focus275 regularl


          – Both short open test and component test can be done by sending

          electric signals for special socket contactor and edge part.




Tester Specification

Max. number of socket 1024 socket (Block)
Test pin 256Pins (Std.)~2048Pin(Max.)
It is possible to increase it by 128 units.
Test step account Unrestricted (It depends on storage medium)
Guarding Max.5 Point / Max current 20mA/pin
Measurement Time S/O 1ms~ /Pin,
Component test 0.75ms~
Characteristics to be inspected / Range of inspection
Resistor 0.01Ω~40.00MΩ
Capacitor 10.0pF~40mF
Inductance 10μH~40H
Diode 0.1V~9
Photocoupler Function ON/OFF
Power supply limit 10mA(MAX 20mA)
Current measurement 0.01μA~4mA(Bias 0.01V~9.99V)
Jumper measurement Threshold: 5ohm, 20ohm, 80ohm


Machine Specification

OS Windows7 32bit Professional
CPU Intel Celeron G540
Monitor TFT 17′ LCD
Power supply AC100V~240V±10%(50/60)
External interface RS232C/Ethernet/USB(2.0)
Printer Thermal (paper width:57mm single color)
System Dimension 425mm x 435mm x 650mm
Environment condition Temperature:10℃~30℃, Humidity:0%~80%
System weight 60kg
Power Consumption 80VA