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Cyclone separator

Manual VDF coolant filter


It is a device based on the cyclone separator VDF.
There are variations such as with a coolant pump.





1. Water-soluble cutting fluid can remove 90% or more of 10 µm sludge, and oil-based cutting fluid can remove 80% or more.
・It extends the life of the liquid, reduces tank cleaning, and reduces running costs.
・Increase machining accuracy and prevent damage to machine components.
2. Due to the cyclone effect, there is no need to replace the filter and there is no industrial waste.
3. There is no foaming due to air entrainment.
4. By using a sludge pot, sludge is concentrated to the utmost limit and sludge is collected efficiently.
5. By installing a coolant pump that is resistant to sludge, stable performance is demonstrated.
6. You can easily carry out retrofitting work on the equipment.


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