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Only for fine dust filter – VDF with drum pod


Ultra-compact but full of high functionality, VDF with drum pod for exclusive use of fine sludge.



The sludge separated by the cyclone separator can be concentrated and recovered.
Since the dirty liquid is not returned, the cleanliness of the clean liquid is maintained.


Collected sludge

The collected sludge can be easily disposed of with a single touch!



● Fine sludge is concentrated and solidified in DP (drum pod)
・Simplify the system without a discharge mechanism such as a conveyor
・Can be installed in-line (top, side of tank) or in a small space

● Large DP enables long-term continuous operation
2L / 6L pods can be selected depending on the processing status, reducing downtime due to sludge disposal.

● Visual management
Always check the situation inside the pod by adopting a transparent pod

● Easy to dispose of sludge
Easy to disassemble and reset DP with one-touch clamp band

● High precision filtration
・Aluminum (specific gravity 2.7) 10 μm with high-performance VDF
Removes 90% of sludge, maintains the cleanliness of coolant, and improves processing accuracy.
・Eliminating industrial waste and contributing to environmental protection
・Significant reduction in initial / running costs


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