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CHOCO TEI is to check the cause of manufacturing defects and track the cause with the actual Camera.



CHOCO TEI WATCHER MINI is applied as below.


Trigger recording function retroactively records before problems occur.

With the trigger recording function, you can go back and record before a problem occurs. The following two methods can be selected for the trigger recording function.

1. Loop and trigger lock.

The video is repeatedly saved in the microSD card for each recording unit (t1) <loop>. When the trigger input is accepted, the video of the trigger timing and the video before and after it are locked (overwrite prohibited) for 3 files and saved <Trigger lock>. The recording unit (t1) can be selected from “1 minute”, “3 minutes”, “5 minutes”, and “10 minutes”. 

※In this mode, as a measure for the life of the microSD card, the lock video does not exceed 30% of the SD card capacity. The lock video that can be saved with a 32GB microSD card is about 60 minutes.

2. Trigger only.

The video is temporarily recorded in the internal memory of the main unit. When a trigger input is accepted, one video file (overwrite protection) centered on the trigger timing is generated and saved in the microSD card <Trigger only>. The SD card can be expected to have a longer life by saving only when the trigger is input. The basic setting of the recording unit (t2) can be selected from “20 seconds” and “40 seconds”. (If the trigger is input continuously, the recording time per file will be extended.)

※In this mode, almost the entire area on the SD card becomes the lock file storage area. The lock video that can be saved on a 32GB SD card is about 275 minutes.


Compact design that can be installed in narrow spaces or inside the device.


Network operation by browser (remote control)

Since it is network compatible, you can monitor the site from your computer screen. Since it uses a browser, it is easy to use without the need for dedicated software.

■ Remote setting and video confirmation are possible
Since it is connected to a LAN, you can make various settings (system settings, camera settings, network settings, etc.) of this unit and check real-time videos and saved videos without going to the installation location.
Also, by downloading the video file to your PC, you can check the details in full HD with a general-purpose player.

■ Check the situation on the site on the browser screen
The “CHOCO TEI VIEWER” displayed by accessing this unit works with a browser.
You can input triggers while watching real-time video on this viewer.
You can also connect to multiple units by launching multiple browsers and check the status of different sites at the same time.

■ Password function to protect the viewer and setting screen
To enhance security, you can password protect the access to this unit and the setting change screen.
Bạn có thể chọn từ ba loại cài đặt bảo vệ: “Chỉ nhập khi truy cập thiết bị này”, “Chỉ nhập khi di chuyển đến màn hình cài đặt” và “Không có cài đặt đầu vào”.

Compatible browser (operation confirmed)
[Smartphone / Tablet] Chrome (Android version) / Safari (iOS * 1)
[PC] Chrome (Windows version), Internet Explorer 11 * 2
* 1 Not compatible with Mac OS (Mac PC).
* 2 No audio is output in IE.




system structure.




Recommended MicroSD card * microSD card is sold separately.

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*If shooting in dark places, check the video quality before use.
*Unable to download File on Android, iOS.
*Display / Playback resolution: 640×360, up to about 30fps (Varies depending on communication environment)


External dimensions of the machine


External dimensions of the holder

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