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  • High pressure type
    AT3 panel
    Dust removal function vibration type
    RoHS compliant as standard
    CE compatible within the specified delivery date
    Supports installation in a clean room

The suction power does not decrease for a long time even under usage conditions where filter clogging is likely to occur, such as suction of highly adhesive fume generated in the laser marking process.

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Structure and characteristics of particle collection

(1) Primary filter

Uses a cassette type filter that integrates a filter and fume adsorbent zeolite. [Patent / utility model acquired]

Dust removal function [vibration type]

The shaking arm automatically rubs and vibrates the back of the filter when the cumulative operation time elapses for more than 1 hour and stops. As a result, the primary layer of the filter is peeled off and dropped, and the filter is returned to a state close to the initial state. In addition, if high-speed automatic shaking is required in less than 1 hour, it is also possible to manually shake by operating the panel.

(2) Easy attachment / detachment flange

The size of the suction / exhaust flange can be replaced with a single touch. [Flange model: Φ65: FRJ-D-65-35-108 Φ50: FRJ-D-50-35-108 Φ38: FRJ-D-38-35-108]
* The diameter of the exhaust flange is larger than the diameter of the suction flange. Please install in the size of.

(3) Secondary filter

Protects electrical components from dust.

(4) Blower

The suction pressure of the blower automatically increases according to the load of the primary filter and the secondary filter. It does not make you feel the decrease in suction power due to clogging load.

(5) Activated carbon cassette

It is a cassette type that absorbs odors and can be easily replaced.

(6) Exhaust filter

Equipped with HEPA filter as standard, it supports clean class 100,000-10,000. The collection efficiency is 0.3μ99.97% or more.


Control (accessories sold separately)

Remote control

By using a remote cable (sold separately / model: MT-173-8 (3m)), remote control linked with peripheral devices is possible.

  • Driving ON / OFF
  • Ability level (air volume) change

You can now change the ability level by remote control. Since the level is memorized every time the ability level is changed, the previous usage level is always called. In addition, it is possible to output operation signals, filter clogging signals, pressure signals, and abnormal signals.

Ethernet / RS-485

All functions that can be controlled by the AT3 panel can be controlled by a PC by using Ethernet or RS-485 communication.

Easy attachment / detachment flange (standard: φ75) (sold separately)

  • Can be replaced with one touch
  • The suction port size can be changed

The size of the suction port flange can be replaced with a single touch. The suction port flange (sold separately) can now be changed even after purchase.

Changeable size

Φ65: Model FRJ-D-65-35-108 Φ50
: Model FRJ-D-50-35-108 Φ38
: Model FRJ-D-38-35-108

Required air volume calculation formula

Q: Required air volume (m3 / min)
Vc: Control air speed (m / sec) ・ ・ ・ ・ See the figure below
X: Distance (m) ・・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・Distance from dust source to suction port
A: Opening surface Area (m2) ・ ・ ・ L × W
Air volume Q = 60 x Vc x (10 x X² + A)



  • * 1 This is a value measured with A scale (dBA) at any point 1 m away from the main body by connecting a hose to the suction port.
  • * 2 An optional remote cable is required to use the remote control function.
  • * 3 Optional support is available.
  • * 4 Since zeolite is contained, the capacity of the primary filter and the amount of dust that can be collected are different.

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Filter specifications


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